wordpress Development

If you look at the history and origin of WordPress, you will find out that it is built to portray beautiful words/typography, hence it is called WordPress (words in press) and emerged as an unbeatable web platform. Its simple framework and ease of use code, made it favorite in web developer community. Its flexibility, scalability, robustness at frontend and impeccable CMS properties had won the hearts of its end users.
The real charm of WordPress comes with its umpteen plug-ins/extensions that can extend its features and functionalities without affecting the core code.

Its extendibility has met with ultimate boundaries in website development community for large scale portals to highly complicated web solutions. WordPress is contemporary with infinite responsive themes and customizing capabilities. It is highly object oriented and offers secure web presence for all kind of businesses, if you have a reputed WordPress company like First Page Technologies at your side.

You must be thinking why to choose WordPress over other platforms?

Well, because WordPress has more than 55 % shares of the web industry. It’s indeed everywhere!
Today when there is a website for everything from booking hotels to shopping and playing games, WordPress has transformed the way businesses build and communicate with their customers. WordPress has emerged as a popular web content publishing platform in recent times. It adds beautiful appearance to a website along with increasing user friendliness.
First Page Technologies has used WordPress extensively for creating all sorts of websites ranging from small to large-scale websites. Our WordPress developers not only create a website but also optimize it for the search engine in order to have a good SEO rank. We are proficient in innovating new tools for the development of best possible websites for our customers.
If you are looking for a proficient team of web developers who have mastered the WordPress technology, then you are at the right place. Our specialists are capable of delivering top notch websites in dearth cheap prices. We completely understand that every client has his own specific requirements. Thus, we offer tailor-made solutions for your business requirements.

A glimpse of WordPress development services at First Page Technologies:

  • Custom WordPress CMS development
  • Custom WordPress widget development
  • WordPress SEO services
  • WordPress Security audit services
  • WordPress maintenance and support
  • WordPress design services