Kindly read the below mentioned terms and conditions which will be commenced from the period the client has enrolled for any of the Webinator Technologies service. Additionally, access and use to this website is also subject to the laws applicable and below mentioned terms and conditions.

We advice you not to use WebinatorTechnologies site if you decide upon not abiding and accepting any of the specified terms and conditions.



Webinator Technologies might offer one or more services to the client which might involve web design and development and other affiliated services or products, Support and Maintenance services or Internet Marketing; but is not confined to these services. Unless expressed clearly, any supplemental service or feature shall be regarded as a service part. Webinator Technologies contains right to suspend, discontinue or modify the services for any unnecessary delay on the client’s part, non- payment, abusive or any kind of non-cooperative behavior. Webinator Technologies is not accountable for any damages, consequences or losses resulting out of such discontinuation, suspension or modification of the services.

Website Changes

Webinator Technologies has complete authority and right to amend and modify any of the point on the Terms and Conditions, and also add or remove any part or section on the site without giving any prior notification to the clients.


Information Access

When you undertake the terms and conditions of Webinator Technologies, you acknowledge that whatever information you provide to our company will be current, complete and correct. If Webinator Technologies at any time realizes that the given information is incomplete, incorrect or old; Webinator technologies has complete right to deny the user access to any of the company’s resources or services. Webinator Technologies also holds full authority to suspend or terminate the account of the client any time.


E-commerce and Website Design and Development

Webinator Technologies is bound to provide website design and developments services free from any error, however the company is not responsible for any of the losses which take place due to the software designed for client. The client holds the end responsibility to ensure and check the services and products functionality before making use of them.

Compatibility of the browser must be thoroughly tested at the time of revision period. Webinator Technologies offers no guarantee on the websites operation on outdated and old combination of browsers.

Webinator Technologies is the legit owner of each of its content, graphics, programming code and designs unless the client has made the entire payment.


Support and Warranty

Webinator Technologies offers complete customer support if any technical issue arrives, yet it does not provide any assurance on the accurate product’s functioning with or on the products/ extensions of the third party.



The client must agree to pay service charges for any service or program presented by Webinator Technologies. The client needs to make full payment for the services taken, which will also involve the fees for any additional services which the client has availed and are not involved in the package as decided upon the commencement of the project.

The client has to make advance payment which will amount to a specific portion of the complete amount accepted by both the parties. Mostly, the fee for advance payment is half the amount of the service.



Redistribution or Reproduction of the content in any manner is strictly prohibited.

Webinator Technologies does not except, allow without the consent or written permission of the company, any sort of commercial manipulation of the code source/code, graphics and text on the website. Storage or transmission of the website’s content on any electric device shall be regarded as a prosecutable offence.

Copying, reproducing or duplicating the product is strictly forbidden. For any kind of rectification or modification, the client shall contact the team of Webinator Technologies. Additionally, any unsanctioned product use will be regarded as a disregard to this agreement. Our every product and service is subject to Copyright and any claim on the product’s ownership will be taken to be defiance of the agreement.


Liability Limitation

Webinator Technologies is not responsible for any incidental, consequential, unforeseeable or foreseeable damage or loss arising out of any reason that falls out of the company’s terms and conditions, or which has occurred due to the actions of any third party person or source.

Webinator Technologies is not liable for any compensation or earnings loss or the costs resulting from any work undergone by the client, acting on client’s behalf or by any agents of the third party which the client has appointed.

Webinator Technologies is not responsible for any breaches or infringements on the copyright arising out of materials handed over by the client.


Policy Agreement

By utilizing any service or content offered by Webinator Technologies, it shall be surmised that the client has accepted and agreed our TERMS & CONDITIONS and is accountable to pay for the content or any service availed.

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